You'll change now, or never

i make my own decision. start today and it will end someday. when i have reached my dream. 

being in boarding school is my choice. i will make my self more independent without my parents, without my sisters.

it's not easy and it's not too hard to make all your dreams come true. i wanna change my self to a better person, broad-minded person.

with all my parents pray, with every attemps from them, with every drops of their sweat, with every tears they have for me. i have to make them proud of me. lead them to the way of heaven not to the hell.

i have made them cried, dissapointed, angry, they're fighted because of me and many more. i promise i'd make them smile again, proud of what i have made. cause i will change. now. not next time, not tomorrow, not next week, not next month, not next year, not in next life.


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