My Drama


Pemeran :
ADE NURUL ASHIFA                               As Narator
ANGGITA TASYA RAMADHANTI           As Bella (Girl Main Character)
ALDO RIZKI NURARTO                          As Edward (Men Main Character)
SUCI FADESTI                                          As Rihanna (Bella’s Friend)
AYU CAHYANI AGUSTIA SP.                  As Kugy (Bella’s Friend)
NINDYA AUGESTI                                   As Florin (Bella’s Friend)
THARE PRATAMA PETISA                      As Leon (Edward’s Friend)
NURUL FITRI INSANI                              As Selena (Bella’s Friend)
ANGGUN ELIDIYA                                   As Iris (Bella’s Mother)
OKTORULLAH                                         As John (Edward’s Father)
M.REZA SAPUTRA                                   As Harry (Teacher)
DEWI NAWANG WULAN                        As Swift (Presenter)
AYUDENTA NOVERIZA                          As Renatta (Edward’s Girl Friend)
MUHAMMAD ILHAM AMBA                 As Justin (Senior)
GARYFAZA ANDREKHO N.                    As Jordan (Bella’s Uncle)


The bell is ring, Bella and her friends go out from the class dan sat together beside the school yard. They’re saw Edward played soccer in the school yard and unknowingly Bella was stare at Edward at the first time.

            Kugy              : Hei, look! That boy is so cool!
            Florin              : Yeah.. He is so handsome if we attending him
            Rihanna        : He is Edward, our senior isn’t he?
            Kugy              : Oooo… His name is Edward
            Florin              : Hei Bella, why are you so quiet ?
            Bella               : What? I’m okay
            Rihanna        : Are you kidding us? You’re staring at that senior right?
            Kugy              : His name is Edward, if you want to know …
            Bella               : (awkwardly smiling)
            Florin              : ciyeee…


Bella’s uncle, Jordan came to Bella’s house. Uncle Jordan told her message from his father from USA. His father said that he will sent their an airplane ticket to USA to his kids who can reach first rank in the school. So Bella and her sister were happy when heard that.

Selena           : Hai uncle ! Long time no see. You look more handsome now, hahaha..
Jordan          : Ou.. Selena! You look taller now. I have message from your father.
            Bella               : What kind of message?
Jordan          : Your father said that he’ll sent you an flight ticket to USA. The ticket is just for one of you two who can reach first rank in the school.
Iris                    : that’s a good news for both of you.
            Selena           : yee! It must be me who will got that chance!
            Bella               : don’t be sure yet! I also can get that ticket!
            Iris                    : just stop talking about that stuff. Now you have to work
and prove who will got that first rank and will go to the USA.

Rest time, Bella and her friends are queuing to buy a drink at canteen. Suddenly a senior named Justin directly cut the line in front of Bella. Then there’s noise between Bella and Justin. Then Edward comes fight for Bella.

            Bella              : sir, 4 colas please!           
            Justin             : get out of my way! Stay out of my way!
            Bella               : what’s happening here? We’re the first to be here, you
cannot just come and cut the line!
            Kugy              : that’s right , don’t just cut my line !
            Justin             : im the boss here, no one can ask me what to do
            Edward         : how can you be so stubborn , it’s better you get off and
start queue
            Justin             : what the hell? For me there’s no queuing
            Edward         : you should feel sorry of your self
            Justin             : you’re wasting my time.
            Edward         : give me 4 drinks sir, here’s your drink pals, you should
not waste your time with them.
            Bella              : thanks Edward,
            Edward         : ur welcome if they repeat the same thing just call me and
I will come to help.
            Florin             : sure, thank you so much

After school Justin revenge Edward and ask for a fight to Edward. And it was heard by kugy, Bellas’s friend. and Bella suddenly comes to the field but there is nobody there, Bella just found a button and expect it is Edward’s.

            Rihanna        : girls, I have a bad news , I saw Edward and Justin
fighting on the field
            Kugy              : are you sure , how can you know that?
            Rihana          : of course , I saw them directly in front of my nose
            Bella               : let’s go there then
Florin             : where are them? Why there’s nobody here?
            Rihana          : I saw them fighting here.
            Kugy              : they’ve gone somewhere
            Bella               : (saw a button and examine it) whose button is this
            Florin             : it should be Edward’s
            Bella               : I see, I think it’s better if I keep this


When lunch time come, suddenly Edward is shocking by someone who knew him. Actually he is Leon, Edward’s old friend from Bandung. When they are cheating, Bella and her friends attending them. When Leon told about shocking thing that he likes a girl called Bella.

            Leon               : hey brother , how’s life? Remember me?
            Edward         : hey, never been better, you are my best friend.
how about you?
            Leon               : great
            Rihanna        : Bella, that’s Edward right? Who is the one talking to
            Bella              : I think he is with Leon
            Florin             : who is he?
            Bella               : he is new student from Bandung
            Leon               : I want to talk to you, about my new crush
            Edward         : if you want to talk about girl, then I am exactly the one
that you are looking for
            Leon               : she is Bella , our school mates
            Edward         : oh , she is beautiful . (jealous)
            Leon               : the most


On valentine day, Edward gives red rose to Bella. But he said that Leon asked him to give it to her.because he is too shy to confess his feeling.

            Edward         : Bella, may I have some words with you?
            Bella              : what’s wrong?
            Edward         : nothing important, I just wanna give it to you
            Bella               : it’s beautiful, thanks
            Edward         : But that flower is from Leon
            Bella               : if it is from Leon, why doesn’t he give it by himself?.
            Edward         : he is so shy to give it to you.


As she know that Leon likes her by give her a red rose,they’ll be closer each other and they are in relationship. When Bella is accompany Leon to the cinema, Leon wants hld Bella’s had but Bella refuse him.Leon leave Bella alone and Edward come to calm her.

            Leon               : would you like to go with me tonight?
            Bella               : sure!
            Leon               : (Leon touching her hair)
            Bella               : (refuse his hand)
            Leon               : I just want to touch your hair
            Bella               : it’s too fast you know?
            Leom             : (Leon leave Bella)
            Edward         : stop cry! What happened with you Bella?
            Bella               : Leon want to touch my hair but I refused him.
            Edward         : okay, just calm down Bella, I’m here beside you now.


Bella’s home.Bella tells her mother about her story today but her little sister is come along with them.

            Iris                    : what happened with you Bella? Why do you crying like
            Bella               : mom, I fight with Leon.
            Selena           : why does she fight with Leon mom?
            Bella               : I don’t want to my hair touching by anybody else
            Iris                    : don’t be too sad, you’re right honey
            Bella               : but I’m afraid if he’ll hate me a lot
            Selena           : don’t worry it won’t happen


And when sport lessons , Edward and Leon playing football togher.but something make them fighting. And then the teacher try to separate both of them

            Edward         : what do you want?! Do you want fight with me?( Edward
punch Leon’s face)
            Leon               : (punch back Edward’s face) what happens with you?
            Edward         : what did you do with Bella?
            Leon               : I’m just trying to touch Bella’s hair. Is that any problem
with you?
            Edward         : uhu, that’s the thing that Bella hate the most
            Leon               : she’s my girlfriend and who are you?
            Teacher        : hai,stop fighting it’s my time to teach you
            Edward         : she’s not your girlfriend’s any more
            Leon               : (punch Edward’s face) we aren’t friends any more
            Teacher        : (separate them) it’s over !
            Leon               : (Leon leave Edward )
            Teacher        : this isn’t the end of the world, he might be understand
about this situation.
            Edward         : okay thanks sir


Edward sit alone in the field. Then renata comes to rescue him. And then Bella and her friends walk across them and it makes Bella sad.

            Renata          : what happens with you?
            Edward         : nothing, I just fall when I was play soccer with Leon
            Renata          : you’re lie , I know that you’ve fight with Leon cause
Leon has told me that you’ve fight with him , and the reason it’s because Bella
            Edward         : forget it all , it’s not important
            Renata          : okay me clean your wound.
            Kugy              : bel, look that is Renata and Edward
            Bella              : (sad expression)
            Rihanna        : don’t be sad Bella, just belive that Edward only love you
            Florin             : you are right
            Bella               : whose sad? I’m fine


Bella trying to forget Edward and focus to her study. So then Bella passed senior high school with the best rank in her school. Bella flight to USA and before that there was sad moment for Bella and her family.

            Florin              : bye my pal renata, don’t forget us here, we’ll miss you
            Rihanna        : bye my love hope you will enjoy school there don’t forget
to contuct us and others
            Kugy              : take care Bella I hope the best for you, come to
to see your friends, kay?
            Bella               : thanks all, I won’t forget our friendship
            Pak guru       : take care my best student, get smarter there and catch
knowledge as much as you can. Remember my words when you’re success don’t forget step the ground
            Bella               : yes sir thanks for teached me
            Bella               : I’am leaving now, pray for me ! bye..
            All                  : good bye


When Edward went home, his father ask him to school about photography in foreign country. And finally Edward success to be a photographer.

            Father            : Edward, I know your skills in photography. Then I decided
to send you to foreign country.
            Edward          : are you serious? Thanks dad , this is a big chance for
me , I’ll do my best there.


1o years later Bella being a famous designer and opened a boutique anywhere. Her designs has been accepted by everyone. But inside her heart, Bella still has a feeling to Edward. A talk show invite Bella to share about her success. Suddenly Edward in to the studio and gives a red rose to her then Edward says about his feeling to Bella.

            Swift               : ladies and gentleman please welcome! Bella!
            Bella               : Okay thank you.
            Swift               : Long time no see ... How are you Bella?
            Bella               : I’m fine thanks. Thank you before for inviting me into
this talk show
            Swift               :Okay Bella, let’s start from the first question. How could
you be so successful on your young age?
            Bella               : that is not easy as we’ve think, I have ten years to
built my career from zero.

            (Edward coming with red rose in his hand)

            Swift               : it’s kind of little surprise here and it is out of the
scenario hahahaha
            Edward         : welcome back to Indonesia Bella, my best friend
            Swift               : as we know, now Edward is a professional photographer
our country now and he will do his first time debut on USA next month give him applause
            Edward         : and, will you be my girlfriend ?
            All                   : accept! Accept! Accept!
            Bella               : okay I will…
            All                   : (scream) huuuuhuhuhuh !!!!! yeahh!

            And then Bella and Edward move to USA for continuing their life.

-          The end -


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