Should I Mention My Resoluitons This Year?

Happy new year guys! Yaah walaupun gue cuma tidur dan nonton tv disaat banyak umat manusia merayakan new years eve, it doesn't matter laah. Lets reach the point! This is 2014 and awkwardly I would be 17th in this year. Please tell me gimana rasanya jadi bocah 17 tahun? Soalnya ini pertama kali banget buat gue untuk jadi anak 17 tahun. Secara teknis emang masih lama, tapi gue takut nantinya tiba-tiba gue bangun tidur dan gue udah 17 tahun aja, tanpa persiapan yg matang yang mungkin bisa bikin gue shock. Tapi itu berlebihan dan gue tau itu.

untuk mengatasi rasa panik gue gue bakal coba bikin resolusi untuk 364 hari kedepan, biar gue ga salah langkah *lha.


I am Ade, I'd like to write my decision which called 'RESOLUTION'' in 2014 and I hope I could stay focus on it #aaameeeeen.

- pray often, fasting include
- work harder, for everything I have to do
- never stop trying, eventough the result isn't good enough
- never cheat, because the result never be good
- talk less do more, less surving more working
- less fast food, less coke
- be heathier, not skinnier
- no more wasting money, because you haven't earn them yet
- care each-other, you have to start it first in real life because you'll never know how will tomorrow going on
- decrease destroying level at home, that's a little bad habit
- try to understand the situation, cause sometimes it would be better for you to sit down, wait and see, then act
- decreasing level of download and video streaming using modem, its not good for your financial
- get moving!!!!

Have a good day and happy holiday


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